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    Whale Watch West Cork trigger strong engagement among their Facebook fans all over the world through engaging posts, photos and videos about whales and global marine conservation as well as acting as an information source on Baltimore.

    Triggering engagement on Facebook through video and images


    Who are Whale Watch West Cork?

    Run by Nic Slocum, Whale Watch West Cork is based in Baltimore and offers boat trips to tourists around the West Cork coastline for sightings of dolphins, whales and seals as well as other marine life. 

    Which Facebook posts work best?

    Whale Watch West Cork has some stunning imagery of the marine environment on their Facebook page and has a large and varied community of fans from all over the world. Nic Slocum states that the secret to their Facebook success is that they put up videos and engaging photos of what they’re doing and seeing on a regular basis. They post videos of what they do, wherever they might be in the world.  They also include weather photos daily with a comment/quote. People follow these posts from all over the world and they have been an excellent way to engage with fans.

    A crucial aspect of their business is that they don’t just promote themselves on Facebook, they have mutually supportive business relationship with key stakeholders which have been essential to the development of their business. They link to other operators on Facebook such as Michael Cottrell of Baltimore Sea Safari and they promote institutions associated with whales and work in partnership with other operators.

    Whale Watch West Cork has automatic feeds from Facebook to Twitter but as they have different audiences on Facebook and on Twitter, they publish independent posts on Twitter as well. Their Facebook page also includes an app on their timeline which links to their Trip Advisor reviews. This is a great way for potential customers to check out their excellent reviews and possibly decide to book a boat tour with them. They also include a social bakers RSS app on their timeline allowing fans direct access to their blog posts about Whale Watching and marine conservation in general.

    Future plans

    Nic plans to put ‘The Daily Whale’ in place in the near future – posting an image of a different type of whale each day and asking people to identify what type of whale it is, to trigger further engagement. He is also testing a daily marine conservation post, potentially on a local topic, or about marine conservation elsewhere in the world. The key to their interaction with their fans, is that while whales are their main focus, they don’t just write about whales they write about the local area and marine conservation issues in general to appeal to their fan base

    Nic is currently initiating promotional campaigns on *Pinterest and **Instagram

    Repeat business

    They secure repeat fans through their weather feed, keeping posts interesting and engaging like ‘The Daily Whale’. Primarily they are an information source for the public, keeping them in touch with Baltimore, wherever they happen to be in the world.
    *Pinterest is a visual discovery tool based on the concept of creating ‘Boards’ of images, that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests.
    **Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service.

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