On-Site Visit

Tourism businesses wishing to become approved under the Welcome Standard must meet minimum standards, including confirmation of all legal compliance, and agree to a code of ethics and conduct (i.e. cleanliness, customer care and complaints handling). In addition they will be assessed by independent professional Assessors / Advisors, reassuring visitors that you are seriously committed to their welfare and enjoyment.

Our visit includes an assessment of the property to ensure that the customer journey meets the visitor’s expectations. It will also include advice on areas for improvement and ways of growing your business.

Assessments take place on-site, and are usually pre-arranged in advance of the visit. It is important to ensure that your business meets all criteria, as successful businesses receive their approval on the day once the assessment visit is complete. A written report is sent after each assessment.

Welcome Standard properties are assessed a minimum of every two years, with many receiving annual visits.

Find out more about the criteria against which you will be assessed [pdf, 157kb].